Akarsu Textile has been established in 1990. Akarsu Tekstil Eşarp San. & Tic. Ltd. became a leader by producing Akarsu Alaturka Yazma by a new manufacturing technique. This was the cloth of 17th century in Anadolu that has been printed by hand and Akarsu became the first one who used the latest technology on it. Scarp, dotal products, yazma, shawls are the other products of Akarsu Textile. 
On the other hand akarsu tekstil focused on the iğne oyası (needle lace) production and selling.Akarsu Textile improved the use of iğne oyası which is another hand made product of Anadolu. It is used as accsesories for shoes and textile products which is sold all around the world. Akarsu Tekstil exports some of its products to different countries and aims to enter new markets with its constantly expanding and renewed collections.


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